OffshoreMW is now Vineyard Wind!

OffshoreMW is excited to announce that it is now a portfolio company of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), a leading infrastructure investment fund manager, with particular expertise in offshore wind project finance and construction. 

CIP has both management and investment roles in over 1000MW of offshore wind capacity currently being built in Europe.

With the recent policy enactment in Massachusetts calling for 1600MW of offshore wind energy to benefit that state, OffshoreMW will be focused on developing our lease area south of Martha's Vineyard.

Given our Massachusetts focus, OffshoreMW has changed its name to Vineyard Wind, reflecting both the project’s proximity to the island as well as the long-standing ties with the local Vineyard Power Cooperative.

Vineyard Power Cooperative, a non-profit energy cooperative serving Martha’s Vineyard, will continue to be our local
community partner with the project.