Vineyard Wind is taking a new course in developing offshore wind for Massachusetts.

In 2009, OffshoreMW (now called Vineyard Wind) partnered with the non-profit Vineyard Power Cooperative to explore opportunities for maximizing the benefits of offshore wind for Martha’s Vineyard and the Commonwealth, in a manner that is responsive to the region’s many existing ocean uses.

In January of 2015, OffshoreMW (now called Vineyard Wind), partnering with the Vineyard Power Cooperative, was the successful bidder for a 160,000 acre lease area, approximately 14 miles south of Martha's Vineyard (shown below).

Vineyard Wind is now actively engaged in performing site characterization work and designing a competitive, cost-effective offshore wind project to serve Massachusetts, as called for by the Commonwealth's "Energy Diversification Act", enacted in July, 2016.


Vineyard Wind's Lease Area